January 2020
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Maybe it’s time for a new home, but maybe, just maybe it isn’t sensible or necessary?

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There’s a lot involved, the emotions, the finances, the thrill of the chase, the move itself. It can feel exhilarating and even a little thrilling to step over the threshold of a new house and imagine the feeling of cooking in that new kitchen, swimming in that new pool, riding a bike in that new neighborhood. It can also feel a little daunting and even sad if you are leaving a home full of memories behind. A move isn’t something to rush into.

How do you know it’s really wanted, needed and the right move? After two decade's of guiding people towards their perfect next home, I’ve learned that there are some telltale signs it’s the right decision and a whole lot of red flags that you may be making a mistake. Ask yourself these questions before going any further and if it’s time for you to start house hunting or home selling remember, I’ll be here when you need me.

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1. Home is a reflection of how you want to live right now according to Martha Stewart, 26% of movers just want a new nicer home.

Maybe you realize in order to make your home feel like “Your Home” some major renovations and changes are needed. In a market like this, it could be more cost-effective to simply move into your dream home rather than live through the renovations to create it. If you don’t have a bank account linked with extra funds for renovations and you have some equity moving may make a lot more sense. Yes, if you can afford it, it’s perfectly OK to move just because have earned a better home. 

Ask me for a custom report on your home and a market projection of what opportunities are out there for you right now to determine what makes the most sense.

2. Bachelor/ette pad no longer suiting your needs? If your family size is growing starting your new life together may dictate a new place is needed. 29% of people move when they make the commitment to create a new household with a partner. There’s no right or wrong size, only your size. Work together to determine what your dream lifestyle and budget look like and then get out and start to embrace the idea of your new space togetherSee some ideas here

3. New Job, New you? Congratulations! With 19% of the people making a move this year doing it because of a new job opportunity, you are in great company. If you are going to have an atrocious commute reducing your quality of living it makes sense to move if your budget allows. First Step in the Home Buying Process

4. Need some elbow room? Did you buy your first home when you were young? Maybe just starting your career with student loans, a small down payment? Maybe you didn’t have any children or pets and now you have both along with a bigger budget? It may be time to move up.

5. Do you live on the wrong side of town or maybe in the wrong town entirely?

Often when we buy our first or second homes our budgets are smaller and dictate that we choose a starter community. One that’s perfectly fine to become a homeowner in just not where you dream of living out the rest of your days. If your finances are now in a place that allows you to make the move to the swankier town you’ve been admiring 2020 is going to be the time to seriously consider moving up as higher-priced communities are starting to plateau but lower-priced towns still have some room to increase.

Each town is different with a unique set of circumstances. Ask for a projection on the communities you are considering to be sure where you stand.

6. Are you scared to open your Tax bill Paying too much? Maybe your town is too nice to your new needs. If you moved to the A+ school district to give your kids the best education you could afford and no longer have school-age kids maybe it’s time to move and save some money on both purchase price and cost of living expenses.

2020 Real Estate Residential & Commerical Tax Rates in your neighborhood.

7. Paying for space you don’t use? If your house is too big it’s most likely costing you too much. If you have one of the many oversized homes out there and the space is going to waste it may be time to recognize it’s costing to heat it, maintain it, keep it insured and maybe it’s no longer the right place for you. There could be a condo, townhouse, smaller house out there waiting for someone just like you at this very moment. 

8. Living in a Commuter nightmare and seeking a commuter’s dream? Traffic is getting worse, especially in the Boston suburbs. With prices increasing and commutes lengthening we are driving house hunters further  west, north and south to the growing businesses and more affordable home prices. They say the average commute time in the Boston area is 46 minutes. If your commute is making you wonder if the job is worth it a move may make sense. Can you afford an area closer to work? Can you afford a job change? Ask yourself these questions and answer honestly. If the answer is a home with a shorter drive that would benefit you then go for it. Search for communities.

9. Quality of living - you don’t have it and you can afford it. If your town isn’t meeting your needs amenity wise, your schools aren’t providing an education you are comfortable with for your children, you are dreaming of a walkable location to shopping, restaurants, the bus or train, the ocean, the parks or hiking trails you love and you can afford it moving makes sense.

10. Your house doesn’t meet your needs. Do you have dogs and need a big back yard? Do you need a first-floor bedroom? Is your neighbor unbearable? Do you have a noisy highway or train next door and you simply can’t get over it? Ask yourself if there is something that can be done to overcome the issue. Can you head to the dog park for pup play? Can you adapt a dining room into a bedroom? Can you kill your neighbor with kindness? Will new soundproof windows turn your headache into your dream home? If the answer is no to any of these questions and you can afford it it may be time to move.

11. Are you behind on your mortgage or other expenses? No one likes to bring it up but in my line of work, it’s extremely common to see the big, beautiful home with the perfectly landscaped yard as well as the fixer-upper be sold because the owner can no longer afford the expenses. When this happens you have to ask yourself if waiting it out a bit longer truly makes sense. Do you have a way to adjust your spending to get caught up? Can you work out a loan repayment with your lender or creditors that you can afford? If not the answer is most likely it’s time to move. This isn’t always a bad thing and can feel good in many ways. I can gently and confidentially guide you through the sale process whether you have equity, owe more than the home is worth or simply can’t make the repairs needed to keep living in it.

 When you have questions about your house’s value or your options in the market call me at 617.877.3748 for a confidential discussion about your goals. If you aren’t quite ready to speak and email feels more comfortable I encourage you to write to me at Lexi@Lexiealestate.com

Many of my happiest clients and I correspond via email for months before meeting, there’s no right or wrong timeframe to prepare, only the time frame that you are comfortable with.

Happy House hunting!


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